About us

Ben White - founder of Crafty Counsel
EST. 2018

Our story

In 2016, Ben White left the world of private practice at Clifford Chance to join the in-house legal team at a tech company. In making this transition, he discovered his extended network of legal colleagues, knowledge, and resources was considerably smaller in the in-house legal world. Ben realised he probably wasn’t the only lawyer to have made the move in-house and feel this. So, in 2018, he started a side hustle to provide in-house lawyers with content that mattered to them: Crafty Counsel.

Fast forward to today, and Crafty Counsel is no longer just a side hustle creating video content. In 2020, we expanded to build a community space for a growing network of in-house legal professionals to connect across the world.

Crafty Counsel now provides high-quality creative content, intimate community meetups and larger events, and access to insightful resources that help those working in-house achieve their professional and personal goals.

As Crafty Counsel continues to grow, one thing which stays the same is our founding vision to bring joy, insight, and connection to in-house legal.


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What we do

Crafty Counsel Content

Video, audio, and written stories crafted exclusively for in-house legal. Bringing the brightest minds from legal, and beyond, to share fresh ideas, best practice, and candid stories on the most relevant topics for in-house teams. 

Crafty Community

Where in-house legal professionals can go to connect, share experiences, and learn with peers. Combining regular virtual meetups with special events to break down isolation and provide a welcoming community space.

Crafty Studios

Content strategy and production house helping legal sector brands cut through the noise and achieve their goals. Crafting compelling stories and distinct experiences to showcase a brand’s essence and expertise.

Crafty Insights

Bringing brands a better understanding of in-house legal. Creating bespoke research projects that provide tangible insights and actionable data specific to a brand’s needs and goals.

They trust us

Partnering with brands from across the legal landscape on events, content, and more to provide in-house legal teams with unrivalled access to expertise and learning.

Values we stand for

What we believe in, above all else, at Crafty Counsel.


Be genuine and bring your truth.


Discover fun and joy, but always be respectful.


Don’t follow the dictated path.


Look for learning, and teaching, opportunities.

Meet the team

Who is Crafty Counsel?

Ben White, Founder, Crafty Counsel

Ben White


Ben worked as a lawyer at Clifford Chance and as an in-house counsel at a global tech company before founding Crafty Counsel, originally as a side hustle in 2017.



Sarah Leighton


Sarah is an experienced business development specialist who joined the legal industry in 2006 and never left, apart from a brief stint as a diving instructor in Bali.


Toby Hornett



Hannah Sinclair


Hannah is a marketing specialist who has worked for Cannes Lions and in the Middle East with experience in crafting digital strategies and integrated campaigns which creatively tell stories through video, visual, and copy.


Emma Jelley


Emma is a former High Growth and Google UK/IE General Counsel, now working as a leadership and personal coach, facilitator, and sustainability consultant. With Crafty Counsel, Emma enjoys facilitating community calls designed to bring “joy, insight, and connection” to in-house legal professionals around the world.


Nicola Jones


Nicola owns and runs a multiple award-winning learning and development consultancy. A former barrister, Nicola is a certified business psychologist, a Fellow of the LPI, and an experienced executive coach.  She Co-Chairs Birmingham Law Society’s Legal Tech Committee.