Hustling with legal tech, "being pirates" and "non-lawyers" managing huge legal functions

Where does the week go? Let’s clear up those mid-week blues with our latest Crafty Counsel video content, plus details of all the best legal events we’re aware of.

Before we get into our usual content, our friends at Juro have put together a handy guide to all the best tech and other online tools for in-house counsel: . We’re very pleased to see your very own Crafty Counsel on this list, not to mention heading up the Knowhow & Research category ahead of LexisPSL, Practical Law and Westlaw (whaddya mean, “it’s in alphabetical order”? No need to be pedantic…)! Seriously, it’s a cool initiative by Juro and definitely handy for in-housers, so well done to them.


So, to this week’s top videos.

  • Remember when we went behind the scenes at the Alternative In-House Tech Summit? We filmed a fantastic interview with Accenture’s Paula Metcalfe, Fiona Morris and Anand Pandya on how to empower your team using the all important legal tech and innovation. (6 mins)

  • Do you need to be a lawyer to “get” lawyers? Apparently not. Karina Messaoudi is COO of the Global Legal Function at Soc Gen, and has a thing or two to say on driving transformation and working with lawyers. (< 5 mins)

  • We also talked to Paul Peake, Legal Director at StubHub International (itself part of the eBay group), about the best ways to deliver digital transformation, particularly as part of a subsidiary of a larger group. (< 3 mins)

  • In case you missed it, we also interviewed Emma Jelley, Senior Adviser at Fondia (and former GC at Onfido), who told us about her new and ‘crafty’ ideas on all things design, tech and communication. (< 7 mins)

  • Last but definitely not least, why not watch a quick video from Dan Connors of the Applied Influence Group, who discusses how to increase your influence by never leaving colleagues or clients asking, ’So what?’. (90 secs)


Head to our website ( for the full list, but here are some of our favourites.

Have a great World Theatre Day!

Until next time!