It's a celebration - Crafty Counsel launches new subscription service!

Today we have launched our brand new paid subscription product, bringing you smart, bite-sized learning, on demand. We’ve embraced our identity as a learning and development service for legal teams, centred on studio quality video and outstanding presenters from across the legal industry and beyond.

There’s lots more on the site, and new content coming regularly. All of our new subscription content has been curated into box sets and playlists and it’s now a whole lot easier to find the content relevant to you by navigating through our subject ‘channels’ and filtering by SRA competency requirements. And of course, two years in we’ve had the benefit of a huge amount of feedback from many of you, which has guided what we’ve launched today – thank you.

Our new paid subscription model comes after very careful thought and extensive discussion with our friends in the legal community. I want to make sure that the people using and consuming Crafty Counsel - you - are front-of-mind as our customers and that it is you that will continue to drive us to create the very best content. We will continue to publish some content outside of the paywall here, such as where a sponsor has funded production of a boxset - which we will always label clearly.

An annual individual subscription is the equivalent of just £20 plus VAT per month. If you’d like to subscribe for a team, please get in touch


First up, I think you’ll love 50 Shades of Whistleblowing, our box set hosted by Wendy Addison, the whistleblower behind the biggest corporate disaster in South African history. Watch the intro video and check out the full box set here.

One of the core elements of our new launch is a series of In-House Insights, where we go behind the scenes with some of the world’s most interesting legal teams, talking legal operations, legal tech, culture and more. A great start to this series is our box set with the legal team at The Crown Estate. Episodes include the team’s approach to valuing legal panels, and how to be a good customer .

There’s so much for you to check out on the site, but I can’t resist also pointing you in the direction of our series on Competition Law with Linklaters. There’s great content in there both for legal teams and also for the businesses you support - such as the do’s and don’ts of competitor meetings.

See all our latest videos here


Our Events Page has a fresh look and feel in our updated website and we will continue to keep you up to date on all the best legal events we are aware of, as ever!

Many of you will be attending Legal Innovators this Friday - we still have a handful of free passes for in-house counsel, so do let me know if that’s of interest. There’s also Legal Geek next week, of course!

Looking beyond the Legal Tech world, the Law Society of England and Wales is hosting an event on Wellbeing at Work on 23 October.

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