October is huge for Crafty Counsel!

October is huge. Next week we are finally launching the latest iteration of Crafty Counsel, which we have been working on behind the scenes for months - a dedicated continuing professional development service for legal teams, anchored around studio quality video and outstanding presenters.

I’m going to share full details with you when we launch next week. But for now, I’ll just say that you can expect to see a totally new look and feel to Crafty Counsel and our content.


How do you create effective learning for professional people? Take 90 seconds with Nicola Jones to find out. Is learning the right intervention? What are Nicola’s three golden rules? And… why do you forget line managers at your peril?

It’s Black History Month here in the UK, so we are re-sharing our panel interview from earlier this year with Denis Nurse, Chinwe Odimba-Chapman, Lara Oyesanya and Chenaara Edghill-Peart -senior black legal leaders talking about their career paths and tips for junior lawyers.

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Legal Geek is on 16 October - the biggest Law Tech event in Europe. As of yesterday there were still a handful of tickets available (they said “under 4%”). Use the CRAFTY40 code at checkout for a 40% discount and come find us there! (16 October, London)

It’s a great month for Legal Tech - the fabulous Legal Innovators conference is taking place on 11 October. We have a small number of free passes for in-house counsel, please let us know if you’d like to grab them.

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