We’re in this together

Hello, Friend of Crafty Counsel

Today is a Big Day.

But, before we get to that, I want to say thank you. Thank you for subscribing to Crafty Counsel. Thank you for taking a chance on a new blog. Thank you for reading all the emails, checking out our updates and spreading the word.

Today, things are changing at Crafty Counsel. We’re graduating from a blog to a proper website, with proper content. Not just “proper” – unique. Crafty Counsel now hosts bite sized videos (usually 90 seconds) made with some of the world’s best law firms, plus barristers, recruiters, and other interesting and relevant folks. Our videos are punchy, fun, convenient and relevant. They are perfect for an introduction to a topical legal issue, or an overview of “what you need to know” on a common conundrum. They are something you’ll want to watch, wherever, whenever – browsing the site with a smile on your face, not with a sense of dread at two hours carved out to watch some webinar.

We record and edit most of these videos ourselves, with our friendly film maker gurus. You will only find these videos through Crafty Counsel. We also host carefully selected training videos made by law firms, if they meet our exacting standards.

Today, you will find on the site films with presenters from Clifford Chance, Linklaters, Taylor Vinters, Cloisters Chambers, Third Way Legal and more.
You will also continue to find our Events listings and links to useful Resources for in house counsel – only now in a more accessible and easy on the eye format.

I really hope you enjoy the new Crafty Counsel. We have big ambitions – we aspire to be the secret weapon for in house counsel everywhere, and a true disruptor in the legal training and development market. But we’ll only get there if we are making content that you love. So, try it out, and let us know if you love it, hate it, or are just “meh” about it.

We’ll be releasing more videos over the coming weeks, so keep checking in!

Finally, a request. If you do love the new Crafty Counsel, spread the word – in person, via email, on social media. Really. Allow me to be transparent. Our goal is to make content that is universally available, without subscription fees. That may change. But for that to work, and indeed for us to validate that Crafty Counsel is worth persisting with, we need law firms and others to see the service as in demand and valued. The more users on the site, the more people registered for our mailing list, and the more “eyes on” our videos, the more we will conclude that we should keep going.

That’s why we’re in it together. We are making something we hope you’ll love. If you love it, tell others about it. Then we’ll make some more.

Best wishes

Ben White – Founder, Crafty Counsel

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