A-Z of Legal Innovation Jargon

Love legal innovation? Hate jargon? You’re in the right place.

Crafty Counsel put the call out to the legal community to help jargon bust some often bandied-around concepts, and more than 30 fabulous friends answered the call.

We’re releasing this short series across three weeks, so keep checking in for the latest installments as we fill up the A-Z!

01:29A is for Agile
Dominique AshbyNeuro@work

A is for Agile

You’ve probably heard loads about ‘agile working’, but what does it really mean? Here’s 60...

01:02A is for ALSP
Titus RahiriKorumLegal

A is for ALSP

“ALSP” - or Alternative Legal Services Provider - bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? Who...

01:29A is for Automation
Denis PotemkinMajoto

A is for Automation

Document automation receives a huge amount of attention in the legal tech world. But what’s...

01:13B is for #bringbackboring
Justin NorthJanders Dean

B is for #bringbackboring

#bringbackboring first lit up Legal Twitter in 2019. What’s it all about? Well, here’s 60...

01:08B is for Blockchain
Becky BakerThe Legal Technologist

B is for Blockchain

We couldn’t have an A-Z of innovation jargon without addressing blockchain! Becky Baker, Editor of...

01:08C is for Concept
Rae Digby-MorganWilson Fletcher

C is for Concept

Rae Digby-Morgan takes 60 seconds to ask ‘what is a concept?’ and why it’s so...

01:13C is for Customer-centricity
Logan OliverOffice & Dragons

C is for Customer-centricity

Logan Oliver, Head of BD at legal tech startup, Office & Dragons, shares his bite-sized...

01:11D is for Digital Transformation
Isabel Parker

D is for Digital Transformation

It may sound magic, but digital transformation won’t turn base metal into gold. So, what...

01:39D is for Diversity
Dana Denis-SmithObelisk Support

D is for Diversity

A mix of people, a mix of ideas, more inclusive suppliers, and more inclusive language....

01:28E is for Ethics
Professor Richard MoorheadUniversity of Exeter

E is for Ethics

“Your authentic judgement of what is right and wrong.” All too often the ethical aspect...

01:10E is for E-Discovery
Becky BakerThe Legal Technologist

E is for E-Discovery

E-discovery is one of the more mature segments of legal tech, but what does the...

01:18F is for Flexible Working
Mary BonsorF-Lex

F is for Flexible Working

Flexible working can mean different things to different people - and it’s going to become...

01:32G is for Go To Market
Jennifer PaybodyClifford Chance Applied Solutions

G is for Go To Market

Ever have the feeling that you’re selling the wrong product to the right market, or...

01:13H is for Hackathon
Logan OliverOffice & Dragons

H is for Hackathon

If you spend any time around legal tech or innovation circles, you’ve probably heard of...

02:01I is for Insight
Louisa van Eeden-SmitLexisNexis

I is for Insight

Louisa van Eeden-Smit shares her bite-sized take on insight: what it is, why it matters,...

01:03I is for Innovation
Laura BygraveDeloitte

I is for Innovation

Laura Bygrave leads Deloitte’s Legal Ventures programme and is a hugely experienced professional within innovation...

01:59J is for Jobs to be done
Nir Golan

J is for Jobs to be done

‘Jobs to be done’ is a great framework to gain insight into customer problems and...

01:31K is for KPI
Shilpa BhandarkarLinklaters

K is for KPI

As they say, what gets measured is what gets done. Shilpa Bhandarkar explains why KPIs...

01:12L is for Law Company
John CroftElevate Services

L is for Law Company

Is it bird? Is it a plane? Is it an Alternative Legal Services Provider? No,...

01:18L is for LinkedIn
Alexander LowDLAignite

L is for LinkedIn

Alex Low has carved out a space as ‘the LinkedIn guru’ for lawyers, and who...

01:24L is for Legal Operations
Elsa HoKorumLegal

L is for Legal Operations

Legal Operations is one of the most bandied-about terms in legal at the moment. But...

01:10L is for Legal Design
Electra JaponasThe Law Boutique

L is for Legal Design

“Legal Design” is one of the hottest concepts in legal innovation at the moment. But...

01:17M is for Mindset
Dr. Brennan JacobyPhilosophy at Work

M is for Mindset

Lots of firms are talking about mindset because of its correlation with their culture and...

01:22M is for MVP
Adam CurpheyReed Smith

M is for MVP

“MVP” - an acronym often thrown around in innovation circles, but what does it really...

01:24N is for 'No-Code'
Ivy WongThomson Reuters

N is for 'No-Code'

‘No-Code’ seems to be the legal tech snappy label of 2020. (Hang on, weren’t we...

01:11O is for O Shaped Lawyer
Dan KayneNetwork Rail

O is for O Shaped Lawyer

The O Shaped Lawyer initiative has one core purpose - to make the legal profession...

01:15P is for Purpose
Rae Digby-MorganWilson Fletcher

P is for Purpose

Not what you do or how you do it. Purpose is why you do it....

01:26P is for Psychological Safety
Dominique AshbyNeuro@work

P is for Psychological Safety

“A shared belief that someone will not be punished for speaking up with ideas, questions,...

01:03Q is for Quality
Stephen AllenElevate Services

Q is for Quality

‘Quality’ is a commonly misused word in legal. It’s not about sophistication or complexity. What...

01:34R is for RFP
Francesca PorterOnfido

R is for RFP

You hear a lot about sending of responding to ‘RFPs’, but what are they and...

01:20R is for Rule of Law
James HarperLexisNexis

R is for Rule of Law

If you think that the Rule of Law has nothing to do with legal innovation,...

02:00R is for Remote Ready
Dana Denis-SmithObelisk Support

R is for Remote Ready

Sure, we’ve all been working from home for a while, but there’s a big difference...

01:10S is for Strategy
Alexandra WyattDeloitte

S is for Strategy

Alexandra Wyatt, Investment Associate at Deloitte Ventures, shares her 60 second take on ‘S’ is...

01:48S is for Social Ventures
Kieran JohnTaylor Vinters

S is for Social Ventures

There’s an increasingly important space between charities and profit making businesses - the space occupied...

01:20S is for She Breaks The Law
Nicky LeijtensShe Breaks The Law

S is for She Breaks The Law

She Breaks the Law took the legal world by storm when this network of female...

01:06S is for Smart Law
Daniel van BinsbergenLexoo

S is for Smart Law

Ar Crafty Counsel, we first heard the phrase ‘Smart Law’ when Daniel sent us this...

01:10T is for TikTok
Helen BurnessSaltmarsh Marketing

T is for TikTok

Hang on… TikTok? In a legal innovation series? Steady on, Grandpa, TikTok isn’t just for...

01:12U is for UX
Tom DunlopSummize

U is for UX

Any tech company worth its salt will have user experience at its core. Why? Well,...

01:21V is for Vendor
Lucie AllenThomson Reuters

V is for Vendor

Vendor: supplier, necessity, or true partner? Lucie Allen of Thomson Reuters takes 60 seconds to share...

01:12V is for Vision
Kenny RobertsonRBS

V is for Vision

“A banner to inspire people that we can all get behind.” That’s Kenny Robertson’s take...

01:54W is for Women in Law
Dana Denis-SmithObelisk Support

W is for Women in Law

“Women belong everywhere that decisions are being made.” Dana Denis-Smith updates us on the successes...

01:22X is for X factor
Leigh KirkpatrickRBS

X is for X factor

“That special quality that makes somebody or something stand out.” Leigh Kirkpatrick, Managing Legal Counsel...

01:55Y is for... The Power of 'Yes'
Jamie FraserNineNineSix Solutions

Y is for... The Power of 'Yes'

Jamie Fraser, Legal Operations Consultant at NineNine Six Solutions, says: “seize the day”! Framed correctly,...

01:13Z is for Zoom
Gary JonesTotum Partners

Z is for Zoom

The most lyrical reflection on video conferencing technology you will see today. Guaranteed....