Careers for In-House Lawyers with Karen Glass

Are you looking for inspiration around how to plan and build your in-house legal career? Do you want to hear from experienced General Counsel about how they’ve looked at flexible working, juggling children and career, addressing mental well-being and mentoring their teams? Our special box set on careers is led by Karen Glass, a specialist recruiter of General Counsel and licensed careers coach.

Karen leads a series of panels with some very special guest stars from the in-house legal community and beyond. Life as an in-house lawyer can be isolating and the career path can seem more like crazy paving. Our box set with Karen and friends is our way of helping you to make sense of it all.

11:46Parenting & flexible in-house careers
Karen Glass, Sophie Gould, Christine Armstrong and Chris BirdMarsden Group, F-Lex and The Wellcome Trust

Parenting & flexible in-house careers

“I’m failing at everything, I can’t do work right, I can’t do family right.” Many...

10:37How to be the ideal in-house leader
Karen Glass, Chris Bird, Claire Carless and Angela YotovMarsden Group, The Wellcome Trust, St. Andrew’s Healthcare and Close Brothers

How to be the ideal in-house leader

“My team don’t always know what I’m doing… letting them in on that is really...

10:46Staying sane
Karen Glass, Claire Carless and Ed GooldMarsden Group, St. Andrew’s Healthcare and Ohalo

Staying sane

“Lawyers want to please, and we’re good at it. Part of the challenge is to...

11:52Knowing where you’re going
Karen Glass, Angela Yotov and Anna WyseMarsden Group, Close Brothers and ReAssure Group

Knowing where you’re going

Most in-house lawyers used to be in private practice, where their career paths tended to...