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Exploring the pain points of closing deals…

We speak with five M&A lawyers about their experiences of closings and signings. On everything from managing transactions to closing books and compiling signatures - how do things really go down?

Thanks to our brilliant contributors for their insights and candid sharing:

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05:45Managing transactions
Erin Zipes, Nikita Culhane, Aaron Baer and Remy BonnafeShopify, Bupa, Renno & Co and AskQ

Managing transactions

Why are closing checklists such a pain? How does it feel to be the associate...

07:54Getting the deal signed
Erin Zipes, Nikita Culhane, Aaron Baer and Remy BonnafeShopify, Bupa, Renno & Co and AskQ

Getting the deal signed

Very few lawyers starting out dream of tabbing signature pages with sticky tabs, getting to...

03:59After the deal is done
Erin Zipes, Nikita Culhane and Aaron BaerShopify, Bupa and Renno & Co

After the deal is done

Closing books, record books, transaction bibles, bound volumes… You say tomato, I say… well. Once...