Crafty Counsel How To with Google Workspace

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Crafty Counsel’s ‘How To’ series on everyday tech tips for lawyers is back! This time, we’re exploring the world of Google Workspace.

Many lawyers shy away from working on products like Google Docs, but the Google suite offers a world of collaboration and easy-to-use tools that are perfect for legal work.

Moreover - many companies operate exclusively on Google Workspace, leaving their in-house lawyers scratching their heads if they’ve grown up exclusively using Microsoft products. The same can be said for law firm lawyers being asked to collaborate with clients working with tools such as Google Docs or Google Sheets.

We received contributions from our friends across the legal community on their favourite ways of adapting Google’s product suite for legal work. These short videos cover beginners’ topics such as collaborating with a client on a Term Sheet using Google Docs, creating a client feedback form using Google Forms, and other quick-to-learn features.

But we also showcase some more advanced use cases such as linking a spreadsheet Google Sheets and Google Docs to automatically update your legal document if the financial data on a deal changes, and creating a form to enable your clients to automatically generate basic legal documents.

This series of practical tips and insights on Google Workspace for lawyers was made possible by the generous support of our sponsor, Majoto. Majoto is a powerful new way to design and agree contracts - right inside your Google Workspace! Magic. Check it out at

06:29Collaborating in Google Docs
Denis Potemkin and Ben WhiteMajoto and Crafty Counsel

Collaborating in Google Docs

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01:50How to use a Google form to collect client feedback and reviews for optimising your services
Anna Posthumus MeyjesAclara Legal Design

How to use a Google form to collect client feedback and reviews for optimising your services

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01:37Google Docs: A few productive tips
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Google Docs: A few productive tips

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03:59How to use Google Forms to automate a Google Doc
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How to use Google Forms to automate a Google Doc

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