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Get the lowdown on the hottest topics or new from the legal world with Crafty Counsel Investigates.

Crafty Counsel Investigates brings you the legal perspective on trending topics or breaking news from experts across legal and business.

Topics include:

  • Clubhouse with Brian Inkster
  • oneNDA with Electra Japonas
  • Ever Given with James E. Baker

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02:13Crafty Counsel Investigates: The Ever Given
James E. BakerBaker International Resolutions

Crafty Counsel Investigates: The Ever Given

What’s the deal with that boat in the Suez Canal? James E. Baker, Principal at Baker...

02:46Crafty Counsel Investigates: Crafty Coin
Ben WhiteCrafty Counsel

Crafty Counsel Investigates: Crafty Coin

Clarification 2 April 2021 - sorry to disappoint the believers (thanks, guys!), but this was...

02:04Crafty Counsel Investigates: oneNDA
Electra JaponasThe Law Boutique

Crafty Counsel Investigates: oneNDA

Imagine a world where you don’t have to review yet another NDA… Founder of the Law...

02:27Crafty Counsel Investigates: Clubhouse
Brian InksterInksters

Crafty Counsel Investigates: Clubhouse

The newest social media platform - Clubhouse - has gained rising popularity amongst the legal...

02:41Crafty Counsel Investigates: Learning from Handforth Parish Council
Ian White

Crafty Counsel Investigates: Learning from Handforth Parish Council

What can we learn from Handforth Parish Council? How can you stop your board meeting...

02:56Crafty Counsel Investigates: Satan Shoes
Rosie Burbidgegunnercooke

Crafty Counsel Investigates: Satan Shoes

Nike… Devil shoes… Are you as confused as us about what’s going on? Rosie Burbidge, Partner...