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Building a culture of privacy is not about working to the implementation date of one specific legal regime, like GDPR. It’s ongoing work that requires behavioural change and widespread buy-in.

Take a seat alongside this intimate interview series led by Karima Noren, Co-Founder of the Privacy Compliance Hub, and former senior lawyer at Google. Karima is joined by a cast of privacy and legal professionals who talk about what they do in practice to foster a culture of privacy compliance and ensure that the business is engaged and embraces privacy.

11:03Empowering Your Business To Own Data Privacy
Karima Noren and Alex GaltieriPrivacy Compliance Hub and Colt

Empowering Your Business To Own Data Privacy

“Privacy is a human right. We should treat our customers in the way we expect...

12:39Perseverance & Values
Karima Noren and Maurice WoolfPrivacy Compliance Hub and Caldera Advisory

Perseverance & Values

“Don’t assume that your privacy programme is working - you need to keep going back...

10:54Why You Should Hug a Marketeer
Karima Noren and Carl GottliebPrivacy Compliance Hub

Why You Should Hug a Marketeer

“My first advice to anyone in privacy is: ‘go and hug a marketeer’… Ask them,...

08:33Leadership & Learning From Data Breaches
Karima Noren and Margaret TofalidesPrivacy Compliance Hub and HewardMills

Leadership & Learning From Data Breaches

“It’s top down. Responsibility sits with the Board and executives. At the end of the...

12:46Winning Privacy Allies & Working With The Regulator
Karima Noren and Neal CohenPrivacy Compliance Hub and Onfido

Winning Privacy Allies & Working With The Regulator

“Where you find yourself in trouble is if something has already been built and you...