Legal Innovation Coffee Stories

Everyone’s talking about ‘legal innovation’, but what does it even mean? And, is all change good, or are we making some real mistakes?

This box set is Crafty Counsel’s attempt to offer insight into the big changes happening in the legal world, good and bad, in a humble and no-nonsense style. We asked prominent professionals what they love about what is changing in legal - and what they could really do with a bit less of.

Our stellar cast of presenters is drawn from tech, consulting, magic circle law, entrepreneurship, ‘new law’, in-house and more. Witty, frank, optimistic with a touch of cynicism - if you need a crash course in how our industry is transforming, start here.

13:04The Tech Sceptic
Brian Inkster and Ben WhiteInksters and Crafty Counsel

The Tech Sceptic

Brian Inkster is the founder of pan-Scotland law firm Inksters Solicitors, and an expert on...

14:38The Cautious Evangelist
Derek Southall and Ben WhiteHyperscale Group and Crafty Counsel

The Cautious Evangelist

“We’re living through a time of unprecedented opportunity.” Derek Southall is the Founder and CEO of...

14:45Revolutionising The Skills of Tomorrow's Lawyers
Dan Kayne and Ben WhiteNetwork Rail and Crafty Counsel

Revolutionising The Skills of Tomorrow's Lawyers

Dan Kayne is the founder of the O-Shaped Lawyer Project, a group that sets out...

14:08What The Magic Circle Can Learn From Start-Ups
Shilpa Bhandarkar and Ian RodwellLinklaters

What The Magic Circle Can Learn From Start-Ups

“The underlying engine for innovation is always going to be people. People looking into the...

12:50The Original Flexible Working Disruptor
Dana Denis-Smith and Ben WhiteCrafty Counsel

The Original Flexible Working Disruptor

“You can’t create an inclusive culture in an exclusive club.” Dana Denis-Smith blazed a trail...

16:13Collaborating Through Tech
Nick Thomson and Ben WhiteiManage RAVN and Crafty Counsel

Collaborating Through Tech

“Making mistakes is part of the learning process… and openness is the fuel of innovation.”...