Challenger Banks - with Linklaters

In sponsored partnership with Linklaters

Welcome to our special box set focused on challenger banks, made in partnership with our friends at Linklaters.

It’s great to disrupt the financial services market, but not so great to end up on the wrong side of the regulators. If you’re working in or with a new banking business or Fintech, you’ll want to get across the topics covered in this series. Each episode addresses an area that banks should be thinking about as early as possible to make sure they’re primed for growth and their legal and regulatory position becomes a competitive strength, not a liability.

Thanks to the generous support of Linklaters, this series is available to watch for free.

06:03Navigating Your Path To Growth
Emma Clark and Bobby ButcherLinklaters

Navigating Your Path To Growth

“You want your legal entity structure to be an enabler of growth, not an inhibitor....

06:20Navigating Your Regulatory Priorities
Ben Packer and Alastair HoltLinklaters

Navigating Your Regulatory Priorities

For new players in the banking market, navigating the regulatory environment is crucial and with...

06:59Navigating The First 72 Hours Of A Crisis
Rachel Barrett, Elenor Parkhouse and Sara CodyLinklaters

Navigating The First 72 Hours Of A Crisis

“The FCA will not thank you if the first it hears of your crisis is...

06:37Navigating A Cyber Attack
Lucy Blake, Jemma Purslow and Alaister JohnsonLinklaters

Navigating A Cyber Attack

It can be the worst nightmare for any business - a ransomware attack. For a regulated...

06:18Protecting Whistleblowers & Establishing A Positive Culture
Jillian Naylor and Sarina WilliamsLinklaters

Protecting Whistleblowers & Establishing A Positive Culture

“It’s the way things are done around here.” What does culture mean and how do...

07:00Navigating Your Expansion
Manoj Tulsiani, Tom Thorne and Alex ParkhouseLinklaters

Navigating Your Expansion

You already know that funding a fast growing new bank requires major capital commitments. But...