Crafty Counsel's How To: Microsoft Office Hacks

This is a series that was born on Twitter and LinkedIn. A few friends of Crafty Counsel started chatting about how they’d taken years to learn what felt like some fundamental tools within the Microsoft Office suite - despite using Word, Excel and Powerpoint almost every day. The consensus was that there might be more to be gained by lawyers learning how to get the most out of Word, than getting up to speed on the latest in AI and other funky technologies. This series will be run on an ongoing basis - contact us if you’d like to take part.

With thanks to our contributors so far:

  • Rosie Burbidge, Partner at gunnercooke
  • Adam Curphey, Innovation Engagement Manager at Reed Smith
  • Leanne Bentley, Operations Director at Bluebird Support Services
  • Alistair Wells, Partner at Woodfords
  • Jack Shepherd, Legal Tech Associate at Freshfields
  • Niall Mackle, Solicitor at Burges Salmon
  • Francois Coppens, General Counsel at Riaktr
  • Senne Mennes, Co-Founder of Clausebase

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01:12Word:  Switching between lower and upper case
Senne MennesClausebase

Word: Switching between lower and upper case

Need to switch text from all lower to all upper case? Don’t type everything again....

01:01Editing a PDF Document
Francois CoppensRiaktr

Editing a PDF Document

Has the other side sent you their draft document in PDF format again? And you...

00:51Powerpoint: Fix Wonky Lines
Jack ShepherdiManage

Powerpoint: Fix Wonky Lines

“A wonky line in a Powerpoint presentation - it’s the equivalent of dropping your tray...

00:57Powerpoint: 30 second structure chart
Jack ShepherdiManage

Powerpoint: 30 second structure chart

“You love Powerpoint. You just don’t know it yet.” Here’s how to make a structure...

01:36Word Show / Hide: Keeping Words Together (Part 2)
Leanne BentleyBluebird

Word Show / Hide: Keeping Words Together (Part 2)

Text floating across two pages, with massive gaps in between? That’s where your Show/Hide button...

01:48Fill in a template using mail merge
Francois CoppensRiaktr

Fill in a template using mail merge

Do you want to populate a template contract using an existing database rather than typing...

01:44Word Show / Hide: Keeping Words Together (Part 1)
Leanne BentleyBluebird

Word Show / Hide: Keeping Words Together (Part 1)

Many lawyers don’t much like using the Show / Hide button in Word. But, it’s...

01:04Excel Conditional Formatting
Jack ShepherdFreshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Excel Conditional Formatting

Excel spreadsheets don’t need to be ugly. Make them come alive. Trust yourself to Jack...

01:40Word: Cross-referencing and field shading
Niall Mackle

Word: Cross-referencing and field shading

“Error - reference source not found.” Look familiar? When working in a long Word document,...

01:21Powerpoint: Combining Shapes
Adam CurpheyReed Smith

Powerpoint: Combining Shapes

Soon, the day will come - you’ll want to make a beautiful new shape in...

01:24Get to Grips with Excel Formulae
Jack ShepherdFreshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Get to Grips with Excel Formulae

“Excel is like getting into a freezing swimming pool - you just have to dive...

00:59Using Split View on Microsoft
Adam CurpheyReed Smith

Using Split View on Microsoft

We all know that working in a long document can be unwieldy - especially if...

01:04Moving Rows in Word tables
Jack ShepherdFreshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Moving Rows in Word tables

Hands up if you’re a lawyer who loves using tables in a Word document, instead...

00:52Undo + Redo
Alistair WellsWoodfords

Undo + Redo

We all make mistakes. Perhaps that’s why Bill Gates and co invented the undo and...

01:28Navigating your document by keyboard
Alistair WellsWoodfords

Navigating your document by keyboard

What’s a pro tip that will save you time on your Word document? Navigating around...

01:35Get your game on with these shortcuts
Rosie Burbidgegunnercooke

Get your game on with these shortcuts

Alright, folks - for many of you, these will be basic shortcuts. But, others of...

03:24Formatting Page Breaks - Obsessional Stuff
Rosie Burbidgegunnercooke

Formatting Page Breaks - Obsessional Stuff

“One my minor obsessions.” Why does Rosie care so much about formatting? Well, what kind...

01:35Customisation - "It's magical"
Rosie Burbidgegunnercooke

Customisation - "It's magical"

Rosie says that customisation is only one her favourite things in Microsoft Word, ever -...

02:36Automatic numbering - be frustrated no more
Rosie Burbidgegunnercooke

Automatic numbering - be frustrated no more

“Automatic numbering - one of the most frustrating things lawyers face in their day to...

01:23Track Changes on Microsoft Office
Rosie Burbidgegunnercooke

Track Changes on Microsoft Office

Don’t you just hate it when you’re marking up a document in track changes and...

01:20Format Text on Word using Format Painter
Rosie Burbidgegunnercooke

Format Text on Word using Format Painter

Isn’t it annoying when you have blocks of text that don’t look alike - particularly...

01:08Filtering Track Changes on Word by Author
Adam CurpheyReed Smith

Filtering Track Changes on Word by Author

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just see changes from one person on a...