My top three tips for successful outsourcing deals

Complex outsourcing transactions are a massive win for in-house counsel - they’re very contractually heavy, but also mission-critical for the organisation. They’re the perfect opportunity for a smart lawyer to marry legal excellence and precision with deep understanding of the business and its requirements.

But you need to know your way around these deals! Joe Fricker has spent years advising on complex outsourcing deals and in this three part series, he walks you through the key things to get right from the very beginning of the tender exercise & beyond.

12:33Getting the legals done before the tender
Joe Fricker

Getting the legals done before the tender

When you put a complex outsourcing project out to tender, you’re at the point where...

11:33Exit and Business Continuity Plans
Joe Fricker

Exit and Business Continuity Plans

In the second episode, Joe suggests how and why you should get your supplier to...

08:28Stakeholder Management
Joe Fricker

Stakeholder Management

In this final episode, Joe talks about the crucial importance of proactive stakeholder management by...