Perspectives from New Law

Legal consultancies, marketplaces, freelancers and managed services… there’s a huge world out there in “Alternative Legal Services Providers” or “New Law”. If you want to understand how to assess the options in the market available and what’s coming next, whether as a client or a potential new way of working for yourself, start here.

15:26Resourcing Options for Legal Teams
Ben Williams, Helen Goldberg, Simon Harper and Ben WhitePeerpoint, by Allen & Overy, LegalEdge, Lawyers on Demand and Crafty Counsel

Resourcing Options for Legal Teams

The first in a two part panel discussion with leaders from “New Law” businesses. Ben...

16:26Working Via New Law
Simon Harper, Ben Williams, Helen Goldberg and Ben WhiteLawyers on Demand, Peerpoint, by Allen & Overy, LegalEdge and Crafty Counsel

Working Via New Law

If you want to understand the pros and cons of working through “New Law”, you...