SAAS Masterclass

Are you looking for insight on how to negotiate SAAS agreements? Check out this masterclass we’ve put together with two senior in-house counsel working at major international SAAS companies.

Max Garth and Harj Gill found that they were often explaining core aspects of SAAS from first principles when dealing with customers and their lawyers. So they’ve teamed up with Crafty Counsel to deliver this masterclass where they share the tech provider’s perspective on the balance of risks and SAAS contracting.

09:25SAAS Deconstructed: Part 1
Max Garth and Harj GillQumu Corporation and Smart Communications

SAAS Deconstructed: Part 1

In Part 1, Max and Harj explain the nature of SAAS as service and the...

12:15SAAS Deconstructed: Part 2
Harj Gill and Max GarthSmart Communications and Qumu Corporation

SAAS Deconstructed: Part 2

In Part 2 of this masterclass, Max and Harj discuss how liability is allocated in...