Show & Tell

Inspired by the classroom, ‘Show & Tell’ shares the cherished and special objects which tell the stories of lives in law.

Bringing people from across the legal profession to tell their stories, this series explores the objects which inspire, motivate and serve as reminders.

A huge thanks to our contributors for sharing their stories with us!

We’re looking for further contributors to this series - so please get in touch if you have an object that is of meaning to you and your life in Legal.

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01:51Show & Tell with Alice Stephenson
Alice StephensonStephenson Law

Show & Tell with Alice Stephenson

Alice Stephenson, Founder & CEO of Stephenson Law, joins us to share the thing which...

02:35Show & Tell with Sarah Ouis
Sarah Ouis

Show & Tell with Sarah Ouis

Sarah Ouis, Legal Counsel & Content Creator, shows us her grandmother’s subha - a set...

02:05Show & Tell with Sadie Baron
Sadie BaronReed Smith

Show & Tell with Sadie Baron

What are the objects which tell the stories of people’s lives in law? Sadie Baron, Chief...

02:27Show & Tell with M.C. Sungaila
M.C. SungailaBuchalter

Show & Tell with M.C. Sungaila

Exploring the objects that tell the stories of lives in law… In this episode of Show...

02:46Show & Tell with Atik Ahmed
Atik AhmedTradeIX

Show & Tell with Atik Ahmed

What object tells your story? We kick off a new series with Atik Ahmed, Head...