The UK's fastest growing in-house legal community

We know the in-house legal experience can feel isolating, hard to navigate, and undervalued. But, this shouldn’t be the norm. We are redefining the experience with a community space where in-house legal professionals can become the best version of themselves professionally and personally. 

Crafty Counsel is the UK’s most dynamic and fast-growing legal Community. With members from across the globe, representing a diverse range of professional backgrounds, the Community is a hub for sharing experiences, learning together, and forming invaluable connections.

Within the community, there are a number of sub-groups which each hold regular virtual meet-ups to discuss the latest industry developments, share best practice and candid stories, and hear from expert speakers. These groups include:

  • Crafty Consultants (for in-house consultants and freelancers)
  • Crafty Starters (for those in the early stages of their career)
  • Enterprise & Government (for larger companies and government)
  • Fundtastic (for venture capital, private equity, and other investment funds)
  • High Growth (for venture-backed startups and scaleups)
  • Lean Legal (for sole counsel and small legal teams)

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Gain a network

Gain a supportive network and peer group of senior in-house legal professionals who get it and regularly help each other.

Attend events

Receive invites to a series of exciting special events held throughout the year – exclusively for in-house legal – that include our sold-out summer festival and the UK’s largest event for Fintech and Legal.

Join virtual meetups

Join a regular schedule of intimate virtual meet-ups held under Chatham House Rule where you can swap experiences and learn from each other.

Messaging forum

Access our online peer-to-peer messaging forum where you can ask advice, find resources, and share best practice.

Organise a meetup

Find in-house legal professionals near you by attending, or organising, a meet-up in your local area under the Crafty Counsel banner.

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Explore our calendar of events bringing in-house legal professionals together to learn, connect, and share. From our landmark summer festival and full-day conferences on specific topics, to informal community networking breakfasts and dinners.