We know that many of you want to use Crafty Counsel to be able to plan your continuing professional development (CPD). We take CPD seriously and have developed Crafty Counsel as a resource to support your learning and development.

As a London-headquartered organisation creating legal content with an international appeal, the way that we approach CPD is to look first at the requirements of our local audience and then think about how meeting those requirements can serve a more universal need.

In brief

As of October 2019, all Crafty Counsel content is tagged against the areas defined as relevant to continuing competence by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA, the body that regulates solicitors in England and Wales.)

Once you subscribe to Crafty Counsel, each video you watch is automatically logged and you can view and download a viewing record in your account area. This automatically captures the videos you’ve watched and the SRA competence areas they’ve been tagged against.

This categorisation is also really useful and relevant to all legal professionals. So you can use this filter to organise your learning even if you are not an England and Wales registered solicitor.

England and Wales solicitors

For England and Wales solicitors, you’ll know that since 1 November 2016, you have no longer been required to undertake 16 hours of CPD annually (although we appreciate that many organisations still ask their solicitors to undertake 16 hours of “CPD-like” activity to maintain their competence, effectively rolling over the old regime.)

Instead, the SRA’s regime of continuing competence focuses on the regulatory requirement to ‘provide a proper standard of service’ and requires every solicitor to:

  • Reflect on the quality of their practice by reference to the SRA competence statement; and
  • Make an annual declaration that they have considered their training needs and taken measures to maintain their competence

The competence statement is split into four areas:
A - Ethics, professionalism & judgement
B - Technical legal practice
C - Working with other people
D - Managing yourself & your own work

By reference to the four areas of the competence statement, solicitors are required to reflect on their practice and plan/identify any training needs required to maintain their competence. Read the full SRA competence statement here: www.sra.org.uk/solicitors/competence-statement

It’s not possible to formally accredit the content of any training provider with the SRA as relevant for continuing competence, but as part of their toolkit, the SRA states:

  • You have freedom and flexibility to choose how you ensure that you remain competent to deliver a proper standard of service.
  • You can consider formal training in different, innovative and flexible formats as long as you can demonstrate it meets your learning and development needs.

As such, we sincerely believe that Crafty Counsel is meeting the need for different, innovative and flexible formats for learning and development.

Other Legal Professionals

Crafty Counsel is not formally accredited with legal training bodies, such as those that supervise the CLE system in the USA. However, we know that legal professionals of all types and from many jurisdictions find our content useful and relevant. We also believe that the SRA’s continuing competence areas are relevant to most legal professionals and will still prove useful to you in planning your own learning and development.