Crafty Fest

4th – 5th June 2024 | Regent's Park Uni, London

Experience the sold-out summer event crafted exclusively with in-house legal at the heart for the third year. Crafty Fest is back in 2024, bringing more learning, connecting, and sharing to in-house legal. In 2024, we’ll be adding another half-day onto the Crafty Fest agenda dedicated to deeper learning.

Learn your way

Expect more learning with a curated schedule of content grounded in what we’ve heard directly from in-house legal.

Connect your way

Reunite with familiar faces, build new connections, and discover people who just get it with sector specific networking opportunities and a welcoming environment.

Celebrate your way

Bringing the festival vibes for a joyful celebration of all things in-house. Think: relaxing in the sunshine, exciting games, live music (from an in-house lawyer!), delicious street food, on-site childcare, and more!

Agenda | 5th of June

Subject to change (view details about Crafty Learns on 4th June below)

09.15 – 09.30

Crafty welcome


What brings you joy?

09.35 – 10.00


To start the day we hear from charity partner LawCare and mental health champion Tom Anghileri on well-being among lawyers and what we can do to better support those within the industry - both in-house and when it comes to our private practice counterparts.

10.05 – 10.35

What’s the future of in-house legal?

Simon Man has witnessed the evolution of in-house legal from his 20+ year career at Deutsche Bank. This session will take a look at what has stood out for him across his career, the changes that have hit the financial industry over the past two decades as legal, political and financial climates evolve, as well as what is ahead of us for in-house legal. Simon is joined by Janet Taylor-Hall, CEO at Cognia Law, for a “fireside chat” that will also pull on Cognia’s ongoing research into GC wants and needs.


Time for your annual appraisal

09.35 – 10.00

Speaking to lead - for in-house legal professionals!

Did you know there's a secret Language of Leadership? An ancient set of verbal, physical and vocal cues that still determines who reaches the top in business today? Simon Lancaster is one of the world’s top speechwriters - having written speeches for Tony Blair’s Cabinet, CEOs of some of the biggest companies in the world, delivered TedX talks with millions of views... is now inviting you to get in on the secret too. Looking at the language of some of the most famous lawyers of our lifetimes - from Blair to Obama, Johnny Cochran to Gerri Kellman (the GC in HBO’s Succession)!

10.05 – 10.35

Feedback from leadership

It’s time to get the big guns in and hear from the boss. In this conversation with a senior leader, you’ll hear what they are looking for in their lawyers, how to work best with senior business leaders, and a 360-look at what makes a business-minded lawyer.

10.35 – 11.00



11.05 – 11.30

What brings you joy

In conversation with a panel of in-house lawyers on what brings them joy in their work - and how you can find joy in yours too!

11.35 – 12.00

Why does legal never get the credit?

Legal is often the backbone at making sure things can be done - but why does it so often feel they don’t get the credit? Hear from our panellists on what getting the credit means to legal and making sure the value-add that legal gives is visible to the business.

12.05 – 12.30

Doing the right thing

A fireside chat between Richard Given (Group General Counsel, OpenPayd) and Emma Lilley (Head of Legal, SD Worx, and founder of “In House Potter”, addressing the urgency for in-house legal to stop, think, and do the right thing. Never more relevant in 2024 after the Post Office Scandal and other corporate governance crises.

12.35 – 12.50

The history of in-house legal

A light hearted but impactful tour showcasing where your work and career fits in the context of our evolving sector.


11.05 – 11.30

Revenue generators

Revenue generators are a core part of any business; they get the business done. But do they also want you to just get out of the way, or stay involved? Explore how to best partner with your revenue generators and what they see as value-add versus blockers when it comes to dealing with lawyers.

11.35 – 12.25

Comms & crisis

The relationship with our sister function comms can sometimes be a little fraught - doesn’t an apology risk creating a liability? Who says that lawyers can be too wordy sometimes? Hear from a comms professional on when that relationship works well and what could be improved.

12.05 – 12.30

Next gen leadership & reverse mentoring

What makes a good leader in 2024? When it comes to intergenerational working, what do employees want from their bosses and line managers these days? How can we make these relationships as beneficial as possible? In this session, expect to hear from a junior lawyer and a senior lawyer on what a good leader looks like to them.

12.35 – 14.05

Lunch & entertainment

Grab a delicious lunch, and either join your friends on the lawns or come back to the main stage for our secret squirrel lunchtime entertainment.


14.10 – 14.35

Overcoming preconceptions

A storytelling session on what it’s like to be the first lawyer on the ExCo, among other things. Exploring topics such as, what a career of ‘firsts’ looks like, overcoming preconceptions and setting yourself up for success, and making it work as the first lawyer on the ExCo.

14.40 – 15.05

Do you speak data

Many in-house lawyers talk about how important data has become to what they do. With the need for legal to be at the centre of so much data, priorities and skills have changed. Expect to come away with an understanding of how can you best leverage data, and use it to speak to the rest of the business.


14.10 – 15.10

Workshops: session one

Pick the workshop you most want to learn from or contribute to! Red: What do we say no to? | Blue: Embedding legal | Green: Setting up as a consultant |

15.10 – 15.20



15.25 – 15.50

Humans post-AI

Cast your minds back to Crafty Fest 2023: Andy Cooke, GC of TravelPerk discussed what it would mean if we focused on "lawyer happiness" and "legal as product". Turns out, that’s still relevant, so Andy is back one year along to discuss the function of happiness in his team's DNA, and why he believes a positive, human-oriented culture is the critical feature of progressive, tech-first legal teams.

15.55 – 16.30

Crafty Wrap Up


15.25 – 16.25

Workshops: session two

Pick the workshop you most want to learn from or contribute to! Red: Third quarter (of life) | Blue: Parental leave | Green: Getting budget for AI |

16.30 – 21.00

Dinner & evening entertainment

Now disperse for a light refreshment and natter outside, Crafty style..!

NEW FOR 2024

What to expect from Crafty Learns?

Crafty Learns brings even more learning to Crafty Fest on the 4th June. With workshops and lecturers on a series of more technical and specific legal topics, you’ll be able to dive into deeper learning and development. 

Crafty Learns included in the Crafty Fest ticket price, but there is limited capacity. Subject to availability, you’ll be able to reserve your space during ticket purchase.


  • Mindful external resource management | Legal professionals in any size org, beginner or expert, who want to use their RFP process to make a difference across the board – from budget, to wellbeing, to value-add!
  • Prepare for a dawn raid | For in-housers who want to be prepared for a potential dawn raid – experiencing what they’d do in a real situation (and learning what they should!). Primarily aimed at legal teams in larger orgs, but all are welcome.
  • Effective in-house leadership for eCommerce age | For those working in businesses with an e-commerce spin, looking to better leverage digital markets and understand competition law.
  • AI | For more senior in-housers involved in implementing AI policies and/or reviewing AI tools used, but all are welcome.
  • Contracting | For more senior legal professionals (including legal operations) likely in larger enterprises, but all are welcome.
  • Whistleblowing | For those looking to improve their speak-up culture. This might be relevant if you work closely with compliance and/or are involved in rolling out relevant training or policies.
  • Privacy/GDPR | For those in early-stage, scale-ups, and tech companies looking to make sure their privacy and GDPR policies are ship-shape in an age where regulation is at the top of the legal agenda.
  • Employee incentives meet tech & start-ups | For those in start-ups and scaleups, especially tech, and those with complex or volatile management incentive structures.

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