Exciting news! We are proud to announce the launch of the beta version of our (A)LSP Circuit Board.

If you’re wondering “What on Earth is an (A)LSP Circuit Board?” then here’s the lowdown for you – the what, the why, and the how!

Why have we created this? Our mission at Crafty Counsel is to help legal professionals to be happier, better connected, more fulfilled, and better informed. The (A)LSP Circuit Board is an important step in helping our community, consistent with that mission.

At the beginning of 2021, we ran several meet-ups for our community on the subject of ALSPs, and were struck by how many people working within in-house legal felt that they didn’t know where to start. They knew that there should be a category of support which was not a law firm, new internal legal hire, or pure tech solution – but what was it? They knew that their legal team was not meeting its potential, but why, and what were the options to help?

We assumed that there would be plenty of information for buyers out there. However most of the guides we could find were either aimed more at ALSP sector insiders, or at customers with a very high pre-existing level of knowledge.

So, we built this Circuit Board to help connect the components and illustrate what the options are, in a simple and visual way.

(A)LSP Circuit Board - beta version, mapping the alternative legal landscape
(A)LSP Circuit Board in beta – a guide to the UK’s alternative legal service provider market

We partnered up with the delightful and insightful Jamie Fraser of NineNineSix Solutions (formerly Director of Legal Operations & Innovation at Smiths Group) to help put this together.

The (A)LSP Circuit Board is currently in Beta. We are really keen to get the input of the wider legal community so that we can achieve our objective of providing corporate clients in the UK with a one-stop overview of how they might creatively solve their legal problems. Over time we anticipate making our coverage more global as well.

The full Board will include features such as an interactive questionnaire and guides to each category, as well as (we anticipate) more companies and categories.

Whether you’re a client, an ALSP not on this list who should be (oops!), or just interested in the sector, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you!

Ben White, Founder, Crafty Counsel

PS: Why ‘(A)LSP?’ We know that people in this sector have strong feelings about terminology, and we debated the name – are they New Law? Are they Law Companies (hello, Elevate Services)? We even polled our community, but there was no consensus. Ultimately, we’re sticking with the label that is most familiar to most people – with the ‘(A)’ a nod to the fact that this sector is increasingly mainstream.