In this episode of The Crafty Show podcast, Crafty Counsel’s Founder, Ben White, sits down with Fintech Day 2023 speaker Chrissy Hill (General Counsel at Parity Technologies). 

Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Chrissy discusses her move to the UK in 2002. She shares her journey from Linklaters to Barclays and then recounts her nearly decade-long experience working with former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, where she provided operational, legal, and regulatory guidance.

Currently serving as General Counsel for a software developer (and leading contributor to Polkadot), Chrissy also discusses her experience working in the blockchain space and explores the longevity and relevance of blockchain technology and AI. She shares her expectations that the impact and influence of these technologies will continue to evolve and become seamlessly integrated into our lives, ultimately serving as tools that improve various aspects of our daily reality.

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