In this episode of The Crafty Show podcast, Ben White, founder of Crafty Counsel, speaks with Stephanie-Kate Bratton, General Counsel at AgriFutures, Australia.

Stephanie’s journey as a lawyer began in Sydney, Australia, where she worked as a lawyer at Clayton Utz and stayed for several years, honing her legal skills. However, her story took a fascinating turn in 2016 when she decided to transition from private practice to in-house lawyering. She relocated across the globe to join Amazon in Seattle as corporate counsel.

In the midst of her career and far from home, Stephanie battled kidney disease, and in a surprising turn of events, she found herself unexpectedly pregnant. Missing home, she moved back to Sydney with Amazon in 2020 before taking on her current role as General Counsel at AgriFutures.

During the course of this conversation, Stephanie speaks about health issues, hidden disabilities, life in a different country, and her book, “My Mummy is a Lawyer,” which brilliantly simplifies the diverse roles of lawyers, using concepts that little ones can understand. The book has not only created a sense of community and connection among working mothers but has also highlighted the importance of embracing the multifaceted roles that mothers play.

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