This is a special episode of the Crafty Show, a legal podcast hosted by Crafty Counsel. 

We hosted a discussion between Stephanie Wallace, General Counsel of MetroBank and Andrew Olsen, the sole General Counsel of Globacap. 

Stephanie and Andrew discuss how they see the role of the General Counsel evolving. 

Stephanie works with a legal team of ten people at a challenger bank.  Prior to her role at Metro Bank she was Head of Legal at RateSetter, a peer-to-peer lending platform. Before moving in-house Stephanie spent several years in private practice as a regulatory lawyer.

Andrew works as the sole General Counsel at Globacap, a capital lifecycle management platform. He trained and qualified as a capital markets lawyer and has worked in the finance and technology sectors for a number of years. Recently he started working with earlier stage businesses. He describes his role as “the legal equivalent of a GP” and deals “with everything from corporate, commercial, employment to IP”.