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    Adventures in Venture with Collette Kerrigan

    Collette KerriganLyst

    Posted 3 months ago


    Using her knowledge as in-house counsel at a venture-backed startup, Collette Kerrigan - Legal Director at Lyst - shares her three key tips for the fundraising process.

    Collette’s video focuses on governance, and the very practical impact the negotiation you are having over shareholder rights could have on your company’s future operations. Who is joining your Board? What rights are they asking for? What matters are the shareholders asking to go to them for approval? And - why is it so important to “never follow a precedent blindly”?

    This series of tips for lawyers about venture financing was made possible by the generous support of our partner, Globacap. Globacap is an online platform that automates private capital markets, empowering companies to grow more efficiently, and stay private for longer.