Crafty Counsel

    Being a black lawyer in the Magic Circle - Part I

    Yasmina Kone, Vanessa Simpungwe, KK Sonuga and Tomi AdeyefaClifford Chance

    Posted 8 months ago


    Crafty Counsel asked aspiring black lawyers to send us their burning questions on what it’s like to work at a Magic Circle law firm. Then we went to our friends at Clifford Chance for the answers. Real questions. Real answers. (Don’t forget to check out part two…)


    • Yasmina Kone - Graduate Recruitment Specialist at Clifford Chance
    • Vanessa Simpungwe - Associate at Clifford Chance
    • KK Sonuga - Associate at Clifford Chance
    • Tomi Adeyefa - Trainee at Clifford Chance