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    Legal Ops: Real Stories - Emily Coupland

    Stephanie Hamon and Emily CouplandNorton Rose Fulbright and AXA

    Posted 5 months ago


    How can in-house legal teams navigate the saturated legal tech market?

    Stephanie Hamon, Head of Legal Operations Consulting at Norton Rose Fulbright, is joined by Emily Coupland, General Counsel at AXA UK & Ireland to share practical tips for in-house legal teams on implementing legal tech.

    In this episode, Stephanie and Emily discuss how with a plethora of legal tech options, it’s important to identify your requirements and pain points before choosing the right tech solution.

    Similarly, Emily emphasises the need to rely on specialist support as lawyers are not tech experts and also have their day jobs to focus on.

    Legal Ops… Real Stories is a series of conversations between Stephanie and senior in-house legal professionals around legal ops stories as they relate to tech tools, strategic planning, communication and collaboration, external resource management and data analytics.

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