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    Legal Ops: Real Stories - Phillip Norah

    Stephanie Hamon and Phillip NorahNorton Rose Fulbright and Aggregate Industries

    Posted 5 months ago


    Stephanie Hamon, Head of Legal Operations Consulting at Norton Rose Fulbright, is joined by Phillip Norah, General Counsel for Aggregate Industries to delve into the topic of strategic planning.

    In this discussion, Stephanie and Phillip share the difficulties of strategic planning for legal functions when they are too busy fighting fires. However, Phillip suggests breaking strategy into smaller chunks which you can ‘chip away at’.

    They also focus on the importance of aligning with the business and its ambitions rather than simply developing a legal strategy in isolation.

    Legal Ops… Real Stories is a series of conversations between Stephanie and senior in-house legal professionals around legal ops stories as they relate to tech tools, strategic planning, communication and collaboration, external resource management and data analytics.

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