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    Legal Ops: Real Stories - Angela Yuen

    Stephanie Hamon and Angela YuenNorton Rose Fulbright and JERA

    Posted 6 months ago


    Legal work needs to be allocated efficiently and effectively, to the right resources and for the right price.

    Stephanie Hamon, Head of Legal Operations Consulting at Norton Rose Fulbright speaks with Angela Yuen, Deputy General Counsel at JERA, about the challenges of effectively allocating workload and managing demand from the business.

    Including how they’ve embarked on a rigorous process of assessing the people, processes and technology within the legal group. As well as, how her team has successfully started using an intake management tool, which has changed not only the way the team operates but how they communicate.

    Legal Ops…Real Stories is a series in which Stephanie interviews senior in-house legal team members about legal operations, filled with practical tips and lessons learned.

    In future episodes Stephanie and her guests will delve into legal ops stories as they relate to tech tools, strategic planning, communication and collaboration, external resource management and data analytics.