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    Legal Ops: Real Stories - Samantha Thompson

    Stephanie Hamon and Samantha ThompsonNorton Rose Fulbright and Anglo American

    Posted 6 months ago


    Stephanie Hamon, Head of Legal Operations Consulting at Norton Rose Fulbright, sits down with Samantha Thompson, Head of Legal Global M&A at Anglo American to share insights on communication, collaboration and the role of legal.

    Samantha says there is more to legal than meets the eye and, as the ‘guardians of reputation’, the in-house legal team should be engaged far earlier in the conversation to provide a holistic viewpoint, and add value.

    But also how the legal team, and external counsel, need to adapt their communication style in a way which works for the wider business such as choosing plain English over legal jargon.

    Legal Ops…Real Stories is a series in which Stephanie interviews senior in-house legal team members about legal operations, filled with practical tips and lessons learned.

    In future episodes Stephanie and her guests will delve into legal ops stories as they relate to tech tools, strategic planning, external resource management and data analytics.

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