Crafty Counsel

    Managing Teams

    Stephanie Hamon, Dave Hart, Flora Duguid, Simon Coles, Chris Grant, Sharin Ahmed, Sherrill Taggart and Keruschka ShunmuganNorton Rose Fulbright, BT, MVF, Growth Street, Barclays Ventures, StubHub International, Post Office Group and Liberis

    Posted 2 years ago


    It’s lonely at the top. We often get promoted for being great at our jobs, but rarely do you receive thorough grounding in how to manage people, which can often mean taking on tough, unpopular decisions that directly affect former peers.

    Stephanie talks through the issues with our line-up of fascinating presenters from organisations large and small. The team offer contrasting perspectives on how to step up as a leader, from setting out a clear vision, to knowing when to coach and mentor, to investing in the technical tools to support you. “Soft skills are core skills” is a key theme of this episode.

    Each episode in this series is in depth and runs at over 20 minutes. You can use the chapter marks in each video to skip ahead to the interview you’re most interested in - or which the whole thing from start to finish.