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    My life working with law firms - a GC's view by Della Burnside

    Della BurnsideThe Burnside Partnership

    Posted a year ago


    “All too often the pressure is on the law firm to make the relationship work… but the General Counsel has responsibility, too.”

    Della’s career has encompassed being a partner in private practice, then working in-house as Head of Legal for easyGroup and for 10 years as General Counsel at McDonald’s UK and now she’s back in private practice as partner in the law firm, The Burnside Partnership.

    Della’s perspectives include a good deal of advice on what the GC can be doing on the client side, including when it is or isn’t appropriate to ask for value-added support and other “extras” from firms. Della also shares frank views on the give and take between client and law firm on business development, marketing and cross-selling. Why is invoicing a key opportunity to make or break a good impression? Watch this to find out…