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    Our Crafty Community's Predictions for 2021

    Catherine Bamford, Rob Booth, Manu Kanwar, Wanipa Ndhlovu, Christopher Hurst, Ivy Wong, Alexander Low, Logan Oliver, Sharin Ahmed, Giles Thompson, Mark Smith, Isabel Parker, Catie Sheret and Maria PassemardBamLegal, The Crown Estate, LexSolutions, Clifford Chance, Carlyle Kingswood Global, Thomson Reuters, DLAignite, Office & Dragons, Aveva, Avvoka, LexisNexis, Digital Legal Exchange, Cambridge University Press and LOD Law

    Posted 3 months ago


    We asked the Crafty Community for their 2021 predictions on the legal industry and we were pretty encouraged to hear so much optimism from you.

    Getting a handle on hybrid working; getting serious about purpose; more off-site days and more meaningful and progressive conversations around diversity and inclusion in the profession to name a few!

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