Crafty Counsel

    Recruitment - Part I

    Julie Quist-Therson, Lola-Rose Avery, Tashan Dwyer and Wanipa NdhlovuSEO London and 3PB

    Posted 10 months ago


    What can the Legal industry do to foster black talent? Wanipa Ndhlovu starts her exploration of the experience of black lawyers by asking three professionals what employers and universities should be doing at the recruitment stage. Wanipa speaks with:

    • Tashan Dwyer - Trainee at a Magic Circle Law firm
    • Julie Quist-Therson - Diversity and Inclusion Specialist and Head of Law Programme at SEO London
    • Lola-Rose Avery - Barrister, 3PB

    The discussion covers scholarships, outreach progammes, quotas, senior exec level leadership - and more.

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