Crafty Counsel

    Resourcing Options for Legal Teams

    Ben Williams, Helen Goldberg, Simon Harper and Ben WhitePeerpoint, by Allen & Overy, LegalEdge, Lawyers on Demand and Crafty Counsel

    Posted 3 years ago


    The first in a two part panel discussion with leaders from “New Law” businesses. Ben is joined by Ben Williams, Founder of Peerpoint by Allen & Overy, Simon Harper, Founder of Lawyers on Demand, and Helen Goldberg, Founder & COO at Legal Edge.

    The panel discuss how legal teams can think through their resourcing needs; what alternative options are available in the market, outside of traditional law firms; how the “New Law” providers can use their experience to help guide clients to the right provider; and what’s coming next in the “New Law” space.

    “Law is now an exciting place to be… There’s a lot more entrepreneurialism and innovation than previously.”

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