Crafty Counsel

    The Crafty Counsel Campaign for Legal Simplicity: Why?

    Graeme Johnston and Denis PotemkinJuralio and Majoto

    Posted a year ago


    Denis Potemkin returns, this time alongside Law Tech founder and former Herbert Smith Freehills partner, Graeme Johnston. Denis and Graeme ask: why is it so important to simplify legal content and processes? Why is it so hard? And what are the practical things you can start doing today to bring simplicity into your legal life.

    In this part one, Denis and Graeme focus on why complexity has ovetaken legal content and processes and why it matters. In the next episode, they discuss how we can take steps to simplify things.

    To accompany this video duet, Denis and Graeme’s article, penned especially for Crafty Counsel, is available to read now. Please login or register as a member first to access the article.