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    What made our Crafty Community happy in 2020?

    Mark Smith, Maria Passemard, Manu Kanwar, Isabel Parker, Wanipa Ndhlovu, Jeremy Hopkins, Logan Oliver, Catherine Bamford, Alexander Low, Ivy Wong, Rob Booth, Giles Thompson, Sharin Ahmed, Christopher Hurst and Catie SheretLexisNexis, LOD Law, LexSolutions, Digital Legal Exchange, Clifford Chance, Field Seymour Parkes, Office & Dragons, BamLegal, DLAignite, Thomson Reuters, The Crown Estate, Avvoka, Aveva, Carlyle Kingswood Global and Cambridge University Press

    Posted 9 months ago


    It’s important to look back as well as forward, so we asked a few of our Crafty community members to tell us what made them happy in 2020. And while it may not have seemed like a year to remember, it is reassuring how many positives can be taken from the past 12 months.

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