ALSPs… Why would you use them? What do you need to consider? How can you find the right one?  

Jamie Fraser (CEO & Founder, NineNineSix Solutions) is joined by Emma Dickin (Head of Practice Area Group In-house Strategy, LexisNexis) and Natalie Salunke (General Counsel, Zilch) to discuss the use of ALSPs, and how to make the business case.

As a General Counsel, Natalie discusses the importance of finding a provider that aligns with your culture and values, so they can be a true extension of your team. 

Similarly, Emma provides an overview of points to consider when you’re outsourcing work, including remembering what you’re trying to solve and prioritising work that really needs to stay in-house.

This series is in collaboration with LexisNexis and Obelisk Support.

Over the past year, we’ve been working to bring clarity to this area of the legal market. (A)LSP Circuit Board maps the UK’s alternative legal service marketplace – in one place, organised by relevant categories – to help connect in-house teams with creative legal solutions.