How do you capture the knowledge that can take your legal team to outstanding? And, how do you avoid critical insights from slipping through your fingers?

Legal teams have never had more options when it comes to staffing matters, from law firm secondees to freelancers, and New Law to legal process outsourcing. But with variety comes complexity and “brain drain” when people leave. This special two-part series is focused on the confusion that can come with people churn: how does your team keep a grip on what was done, by whom, why, and what was learned?

We brought together three experienced General Counsel to share best practice and lessons learned: Priti Shetty, General Counsel at ICICI Bank UK PLC, Chet Behl, Strategic Adviser at Pay.UK, and Simon Coles, former General Counsel at Capital on Tap.

In Part 1, the panel discuss on-boarding of team members, chat bots, and balancing knowledge capture with other regulatory issues such as privacy laws.