One day during the pandemic Sarah Walker-Smith, CEO of Shakespeare Martineau, wore a mask that bore a written warning: “Caution, if removed may start singing show tunes.”

When Andrew Whitehead, Senior Partner at the same firm, saw that, he realised that Sarah may in fact be a fellow musician. He asked whether she would sing “On My Own” from the musical Les Miserables if he accompanied her singing on the piano.

Sarah agreed, and so started their remote musical collaboration. They played a Christmas song, which was then recorded in a studio. Now, they are writing musicals together.

How do they find the time?

Sarah says it is not easy as work keeps them both very busy but they enjoy doing it so much. She notes the mental health benefits of making music with Andrew during the lockdown has been immense.

“It’s been a really tough 18 months for everybody and particularly leaders and to have something like this when you do have time, to just have a bit of an outlet – it has definitely kept me sane.”