Is innovation being used to cover up pressure on legal departments to reduce costs? Does innovation go beyond technology? How are ALSPs supporting innovation? 

Jamie Fraser (CEO & Founder, NineNineSix Solutions) is joined by Dana Denis-Smith (Founder, Obelisk) to answer these questions, and more. 

Dana explains how the emergence of ALSPs came about as a result people asking “How can we do this differently?” when it came to delivering services to clients. She believes this approach has allowed ALSPs to continuously develop and think of businesses first when designing solutions.

This series is in collaboration with LexisNexis and Obelisk Support. In other episodes of this series, we introduce the ALSP world and break down the who, what, and why of ALSPs.

Over the past year, we’ve been working to bring clarity to this area of the legal market. (A)LSP Circuit Board maps the UK’s alternative legal service marketplace – in one place, organised by relevant categories – to help connect in-house teams with creative legal solutions.