“More and more stakeholders are scrutinising company reporting on this issue because it matters to so many people.”

“The Modern Slavery Act has made a fundamental difference… It’s an issue that business has to face.”

“Workers want to work for a company they’re proud of… There’s a huge danger in being caught on the wrong side of this argument.”

“Thousands of companies fail to report year after year… and many companies that do report, fail to meet the minimum requirements.”

On the eve of publication of the MP-led UK Government Independent Review of the Modern Slavery Act, Crafty Counsel presents this in depth exploration of where we are, where we are going, and what every responsible Board cannot afford to miss.

Featuring Patricia Carrier (Project Manager, The Modern Slavery Registry), David Westlake (CEO, The International Justice Mission), Justine Currell (Executive Director, Unseen), and James Ewins QC.

The interim report of the Independent Review, published in January 2019.