Jamie Fraser (CEO & Founder, NineNineSix Solutions) sits down to discuss what ALSPs offer to in-house legal teams with Dana Denis-Smith (Founder, Obelisk) and Natalie Salunke (General Counsel, Zilch).

In this discussion, they consider the benefits of using alternative service providers. Natalie sharing that ALSPs are more aligned with the interests of businesses, especially the startup world, with an agile mentality, client focus, and emphasis upon diversity of skills. 

ALSPs aren’t just a swap for a law firm, as Dana highlights. They discuss the ground-up view which many ALSPs take, and the ability for collaboration and long-term partnerships they offer many in-house teams.

This series is in collaboration with LexisNexis and Obelisk Support.

Over the past year, we’ve been working to bring clarity to this area of the legal market. (A)LSP Circuit Board maps the UK’s alternative legal service marketplace – in one place, organised by relevant categories – to help connect in-house teams with creative legal solutions.