Are you looking for inspiration on how to lead your compliance function? Do you want to bring your commercial colleagues with you, while you walk through ambiguous terrain? Do you want to build trust across your organisation?

Look no further than this conversation between Greg Mook, Head of Risk, Regulation and Compliance at Vodafone Global Enterprise, and Andy Kivell, Head of Porfolio Commercial Performance, Vodafone Business. Greg and Andy reflect on their experience working together to go head to head on what is the proper role of Compliance, how to build trust – and how to embed the appropriate level of regulatory risk as a shared business decision and not something that a compliance officer makes alone.

“The joke is that we’re known as the revenue prevention function. We don’t want to be that. What we do want is the business to understand: ‘this is the level of risk you’re taking, here are some things you can do about it, and here are the processes we can put in…”